The all new Accuflex. Built off our target stabilizer series the Accumax, the Accuflex is our hunting length version of our premier stabilizer. We added dual stage internal dampening. The inside of the carbon tube has a rubber core in the bow side of the stabilizer to reduce vibration. The end section of the carbon tube is loaded with our patented SandTrap technology to eliminate kick and to settle the bow quicker than any other stabilizer on the market. The end of the stabilizer is equipped with our VOID flex module to add weights and accessories. The module flexes on the shot, further enhancing the dampening effect. All 100% USA made. Be different. Like no other.

Over 100 different color and custom camo patterns are also available in our custom shop!

6", 5 ounces

8", 5.25 ounces

10", 5.75 ounces

12", 6 ounces