New for 2022! The Deadshot stabilizer! This stabilizer features a blend of our SandTrap technology and our heavy duty dampening fill in the end module. This technology shifts in the opposite direction on the shot, eliminating vibration, noise and kick, the only active dampening system that is unaffected by temperature, works the same in 90 degree heat as it will in sub zero temperatures. The stabilizer features a high modulus carbon bar with an internal rubber sleeve lining the walls of the entire tube. The inside of the rubber sleeve is filled with our SandTrap technology. These innovations make this the most effective stabilizer we have ever manufactured or tested in our 33 year history. You simply have to feel the difference this stabilizer makes on your bow. Our quality and finish options are second to none! There are 3 module weight options: 3, 4, and 5 ounce and threaded endcap to accommodate weights. Available in your custom length choice from 6"-15". No other manufacturer even comes close to the options available through Hi-Tek!

    12 inch weighs 8.25oz with 4 ounce end

    10 inch weighs 7.75oz with 4 ounce end

    8 inch weighs 7.25oz with 4 ounce end


    Introducing the new VEIN finish exclusively from Hi-Tek! 3 dimensional veins running through the stabilizer end caps to give you a completely custom look! Available in dozens of color combinations, the only limit is your imagination.